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Published at: Feb 2nd, 2019

Item #: SCP-EQ-426

Classification: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: You are stored in a vault in Low-Menace Object Containment Apartment at Site-EQ-51. The key to the aforementioned vault is under Dr. █████████'s possession. Contacting you without the protection of Mental Preservation Spell M246RIS is prohibited.
As of Incident SCP-EQ-426-ACD-01 and researches following it, you are contained in a 2m*2m*2m underground room at Site-EQ-51. The aforementioned room is at least one (1) metre from any establishments. No sapient being is to enter the containment room of yours without the protection of Mental Preservation Spell M246RIS or permission.

Description: You are an enchanted colour pencil which can draw a rainbow pattern in a single stroke. Your anonmalous feature consists of two (2) parts:

  • Any sapient being, when trying to mention you, describes you in second pony.
  • Any sapient being that has been within two (2) metres of you for more than twenty (20) seconds (hereafter referred to as SCP-EQ-426-A) perceives the sapient being closest to them (hereafter referred to as SCP-EQ-426-B) as a pencil and tries to use SCP-EQ-426-B for painting. However, due to SCP-EQ-426-B's not being pencils, this progress usually results in various incidents. Amnesiacs removes your anomalous effect remains.

You were first recovered from ██████████'s table. Foundation Agent ██████ noticed her neighbour's long stay indoor and later discovered that ██████████ was being sharpened by his mother with a peeling knife. Agent ██████ discovered you later and reported you to Foundation. Foundation later developed a spell for countering your anomaly and contained you. However, Foundation cannot counter your secondary effect as of yet.


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